Flood Risk Assessments

Flood risk assessments have increasingly become a planning requirement for development sites. We can provide flood risk assessments tailored to individual sites that are prepared in accordance with PPS 25 ‘Development and Flood Risk’. Our flood risk assessments take account of the guidelines within CIRIA report C624 ‘Development and Flood Risk – Guidance for the Construction Industry’ and can include the following details:-

  • Detailed survey to Ordnance Survey level datum
  • Location of site and position relative to the Environment Agency flood plans
  • Identification of flood hazards
  • Determine if the development is at risk of flooding or possibly of increasing flood risk elsewhere
  • Evaluation of existing surface water run-off from the site
  • Review any available flood data from the Environment Agency and other sources and consider climate change
  • Consider methods of surface water disposal from the site to ensure no increased run-off
  • Suggest proposed floor levels for development
  • Consider further work required to satisfy requirements of PPS 25
  • Consider and suggest flood mitigation measures
Flood Risk